How Dual-Use Technologies Enable Mass Surveillance

Dual-use technologies are products and solutions that are normally used for peaceful, civilian purposes but may also have military applications. Despite that governments have established export controls on dual-use goods, foreign nation states are still acquiring these technologies and applying them within mass surveillance systems.

Why Does Privacy Matter?

In this video, Managing Director of DNC Cybersecurity, John Daniele explores the topic of digital privacy in depth, and places the importance of personal privacy into context.

An Inside Look at Cyberwar

Ever wonder how nation states go to war in the fifth domain? Managing Director of DNC Cybersecurity, John Daniele provides a succinct overview of the activities and objectives of state sponsored cyberwar.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

What we aim to achieve with this article, is to share specific ways that cyber intelligence analytical techniques and collection methods can be integrated into broader intelligence processes. We therefore present a more structured approach to cyber intelligence collection, processing, analysis and dissemination. The cyber intelligence dimension to each phase of the intelligence lifecycle is discussed and potential benefits explored.

International Cyber Norms

DNC Cybersecurity has been deeply involved in advocacy work concerning the development of international cyber norms. In an increasingly interconnected world, the need to distinguish between the actions and behaviours of nation states that are lawful and appropriate and those that are illegitimate is essential for the prevention of global cyberwar.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber threat hunting is a proactive strategy to detect threats that evade traditional approaches to security operations. Threat hunting involves the systematic and continuous searching of networks and endpoints, for anomalies and outliers that indicate threat activity. Instead of relying solely upon automated detection mechanisms, which rely upon more passive means of identifying threats, threat hunting applies a more agile strategy to root out cyber adversaries that are hidden within your business environment.