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Incident Response

Our team is comprised of former government cyber operators, investigators and forensics professionals that have real-world experience handling sophisticated threat adversaries.


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When in breach, hire the "A-Team"

DNC Cybersecurity’s On-Demand 24/7 Incident Response Service will provide peace of mind in the event of cyber breach. Our team can help establish and manage an incident command structure that will more effectively communicate, inform and coordinate actions between corporate decision makers, legal counsel and IT operations. We utilize incident response management software to help facilitate a continuous response through automated notification and alerting and providing stakeholders with a live incident timeline so they can follow our response actions up to the minute. Retainer clients are also provided with an emergency response hotline to report new incidents directly to our response team for immediate tasking.

Our team can rapidly deploy our cloud-based threat hunting and forensics tools and technologies into your environment in the event of a security incident or breach to provide threat visibility across affected networks and endpoints. We can also help you architect a “forensics ready” environment in advance of an incident to ensure that triage and analysis activities can happen within minutes of an escalation to our team.

We believe that positive outcomes to an incident are better assured when our investigative strategy is informed by an intelligence led approach. Not only does our incident response team ingest technical data from high fidelity threat intelligence feeds, but we can also task our intelligence analysts with bespoke collection requirements that pertain to the incident at hand and the specific threat actors involved. Through our partnerships, we can monitor dark market activity for leaked credentials, gather chat logs from cybercriminal forums, and collect social media intelligence to enhance our situational awareness around the incident. We can also factor in geopolitical intelligence and physical, street-level intelligence should your incident be tied to real-world events.

Our team has investigated state sponsored attacks against critical infrastructure, financial services firms, mining companies, healthcare institutions and leading insurance organizations. We have also worked closely with law firms in support of traditional investigative mandates, and have executed numerous Anton Piller Orders to search and seize digital evidence, records and equipment pursuant to impending litigation. These unique experiences have equipped us with proven tactics, techniques and strategies to handle serious, high-risk incidents or investigative requirements. ​

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