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Adopt a vulnerability management program that can tame the chaos and provide risk insights to better prioritize your remediation efforts.

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A risk based approach to vulnerability management ensures program success.

Many companies struggle to keep up with the endless list of vulnerabilities and exposures that grow by the day. Our approach to vulnerability management combines threat and vulnerability intelligence with process automation to reduce the overhead and ensure that relevant exposures most likely to impact your business operations are addressed first.

We offer flexible deployment options that can adapt to your unique business environment. Whether your organization simply needs to monitor its external perimeter for security gaps and exposures or perform comprehensive internal network scans or cloud based assessments, we have you covered. Continuous vulnerability monitoring and reporting can also be achieved through agent-based assessments that operate in both online and offline scenarios without the need to manage privileged account credentials to facilitate scanning.

Once vulnerabilities are identified in your environment, we can work with your team to track remediation status, coordinate patch management processes for critical exposures and report on outstanding fixes. New hosts that are identified will be added to our asset management inventory and our team will begin to collect criticality and dependency information that will better inform patch prioritization recommendations. Once patches are deployed, remediation validation activities are automatically performed and ticket information can be updated within supported ITSMs.

When outsourcing your vulnerability management program to us, we not only rely upon Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) to inform our recommendations to you, but also evaluate current threat and vulnerability intelligence data as well. Using this approach, we can better ascertain which vulnerabilities and exposures are likely to cause actual business impacts. We do this by taking into consideration exploitation statistics, threat actor behaviors and the prevalence of related attack campaigns within your industry vertical.

Our vulnerability management program offering can assist your organization ensure compliance with important regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and GDPR or hardening standards such as CIS Benchmarks or DISA STIG. Vulnerability management can also help support and maintain SOC 2 processes by monitoring changes to system configuration, determining susceptibility to newly discovered vulnerabilities and communicating internal control deficiencies to relevant stakeholders in a timely manner.

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