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Managed Threat Intelligence

Our managed threat intelligence service provides senior leaders with keen insights on the intentions, tactics, tools and strategies employed by hostile adversaries. We provide actionable intelligence that informs the strategic decision making process. Our deep analysis enables a rich and contextualized view of your organization’s unique threat landscape.

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Intelligence better informs risk based decision making.

If your cyber threat intelligence program is not the decisive factor in your organization’s security risk decision process, we can help improve the structure of your program. From defining priority requirements to collection, processing and analysis or grading, ranking and scoring; we can help operationalize your intelligence data to deliver more actionable insights.
John Daniele at Federation of Security Professionals, RBC Center
John Daniele, Managing Director of DNC Cybersecurity speaks to the Federation of Security Professionals about Cyber Intelligence at RBC Centre in Toronto, Canada

A Threat Intelligence Platform or “TIP” is a system that facilitates the collection, normalization, correlation and analysis of intelligence data from various sources. We can help your organization deploy and integrate leading solutions into your existing cybersecurity technology stack. Our team can also help refine the intelligence data collected into finished intelligence products and disseminate and/or operationalize that intelligence to ensure that probable threats are readily countered.

A capable cyber threat intelligence program should be able to produce the following outcomes:

  • An contextualized understanding of intelligence data and threat alerts and signals.
  • Communicate specific and actionable guidance to technical and executive stakeholders in a manner that informs tactical, operational and/or strategic decision making. 
  • Enables the organization to act meaningfully and decisively in response to emerging threats as well as reducing the organization’s overall attack surface.

If your threat intelligence program is unable to achieve these outcomes, we can help evaluate the maturity of your capabilities and identify key areas for improvement.

The recognition among top executives that global political instability can affect business assets and investments has led many corporations to articulate their own foreign policy objectives and strategy. Our geopolitical risk analysts can help shape these strategies by placing emerging trends and events into context. Our analysts can help your organization make appropriate business risk decisions by collecting  and analyzing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) data and providing relevant and actionable insights on matters ranging from political changes, shifts in foreign policy or military control that may impact your business operations

The risks associated with malicious insider activity are significant
and multifaceted. From intellectual property theft to sabotage,
fraud and espionage, the scope and scale of the threat demands
a multidisciplinary response. Our professionals have the requisite
background, experience, and technical expertise to handle these
complex scenarios.

Insiders that possess intimate knowledge of your operations often cause the greatest harm. Our firm helps counter these activities by deploying continuous monitoring capabilities to identify indicators of threat. We also possess the specialized digital forensics analysis, counter intelligence and investigative skills to capably handle such cases from end to end.

Our experts can also help uncover contextual information that can help your organization ascertain the full scope and scale of related insider threat incidents. This will not only shed light on who is responsible, what was compromised, when the malicious activity occurred and how was it carried out, but can also provide insights into the motivation of the threat actors themselves. Understanding intent is a crucial element to the prevention of future insider threat activity.

Open Source Intelligence (“OSINT”) is an emerging business intelligence discipline that involves collecting, processing and analyzing information from publicly available sources such as the surface web, deep web or dark web and social media to gain deeper insights into business challenges, emerging threats, or other risks. Our professionals will apply sophisticated tools, unique analytical methods, and novel collection techniques that have been devised to provide actionable intelligence and deep insights in support of geopolitical risk, cybersecurity risk, due diligence investigations and special risk mandates. Read More.

We can help integrate and manage Flashpoint Intelligence data feeds into your existing technology stack to provide better visibility into compromised user credentials for sale on darkweb markets, criminal forums or appear in leaked credentials databases online. Read More

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Do you know who your threat adversaries are?

Our threat intelligence solutions provide you with the insights you need to detect and respond to the threats that will disrupt your business.

Our firm actively monitors and tracks threat actor groups and their related activities both online and offline. We can help your organization better understand the nature, sophistication, and intensity of threat to which it may be exposed. Our threat intelligence services can enable your security team with more contextualized knowledge about the alerts that it receives from your organization's existing investments in cybersecurity infrastructure and tooling. Such an understanding will enable your business to adopt a more proactive approach in dealing with threats.

Our bespoke intelligence reporting and briefs will better inform risk decision making by providing your business leaders with more relevant and high-fidelity information about threats.
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We build effective threat intelligence programs for business.